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Mike Serovey Moved to Colorado

Mike Serovey Relocates to Colorado

Why I moved to Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado

Due to a large number of reasons I moved from Tampa, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The move cost me dearly but was necessary in order to get healthy enough to either return to work full-time or to just enjoy being semi-retired. The air in Tampa is damp and dirty all year round! The near constant cloud cover was having a very bad effect on my physical and mental health. Here in Colorado the air is thinner (which takes some getting used to), drier and cleaner. I have had fewer problems with my mood and sinuses since arriving here.

Unfortunately, the move to Colorado wiped me out financially. I could not afford to move a bunch of used furniture here so I gave most of it to the Salvation Army. My son, Jared, got some good stuff and the Salvation Army got the rest. I shipped some books and videos to Colorado Springs and many of the light things got broken and will need to be replaced. Right now, my checking account has less than $2 in it and my credit cards are maxed out. I do not get paid again until August 1. I do not have enough food to last until then.

If I can get enough help from other chess players I would like to compete in the Colorado State Chess Championship on Labor Day weekend. It may be easier to get 300 people to donate $1 each than to get 30 to donate $10 each. Once I get to know a few people here I am going to start asking for help with some things.he

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I will make more posts about chess in Colorado in the future.