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The chess videos on this page are organized by themes and openings.

Chess Videos

Chess Videos

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Chess Traps

 Chess Videos – Accelerated Sicilian Dragon

In this chess video Kevin explains how Bobby Fisher would play a trap as White against the Accelerated Sicilian Dragon and what not to play as Black.



Chess Videos – The Legal Trap in the Italian Game

A trap in the common Italian game; white sacrifices its queen for a mate in two.


Chess Videos – Chess Traps #1: Ruy Lopez Mortimer Trap

This video explores the Mortimer Trap which is attributed to the player James Mortimer.  This trap can be played by black in the Ruy Lopez opening.  If white falls for the trap, the white player will be subject to a positional nightmare.



Chess Videos – Chess Traps #2: Sicilian Magnus Smith Trap

This video explores the Magnus Smith Trap, coined after the three time Canadian Chess Champion Magnus Smith. It’s a trap that white can play in the Sozin (also known as Fischer variation) of the Sicilian Defense



Chess Videos – Chess Traps #6: Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (Halosar Trap)

This video looks at a possible trapping line played by white in the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit known as the Halosar Trap. The trap is very dynamic, and with solid play from black can still lead to a passed pawn for white and a very strong position if black avoids losing substantial material or the game by making mistakes.



Chess Traps – Old Benoni Trap

In the Old Benoni, White has to be careful not to try too hard to hold on to the extra material given up by black or he might just fall for the Old Benoni Trap.



Grandmaster Interviews

Boris Spassky

This interview was done shortly after Boris left France and returned to Russia. I have been too busy to post this chess video before now.


Cheating In Chess

Use of a Chess Engine in Over the Board Tournaments

“In this video, chess FIDE Master Valeri Lilov is trying to find the truth behind one of the most recent scandals in the world of chess. He investigates all the important facts and evidence about the suspicious 2700 rating performance achieved by a 2200 rated player in a Grandmaster tournament last year.” Master Lilov tells about weaknesses in chess engines and confirms what I have suspected for a few weeks now. Chess engines are bad in closed positions and most endgames. He also explains how tiny cameras can be used to cheat without getting caught with them.

Chess Videos – Defense in Chess

This video is a recording of a webinar that was  made by GM Igor Smirnov that demonstrates the three rules of defense and how to apply them.


How to use ChessBase 12

ChessBase 12 Building an Opening Repertoire Database – Part One


This video, and the one below, show different ways to build repertoire databases in CB 12.


ChessBase 12 Building an Opening Repertoire Database – Part Two


Chessbase – Opening Repertoire Management Part 1




Chessbase – Opening Repertoire Management Part 2



How to do Deep Analysis in CB 12

This video shows how to use one or more chess engines to do deep analysis of a chess position.

Chess Strategy

How to Avoid Chess Blunders

In this video GM Igor Smirnov explains some strategies for avoiding blunders in chess.

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