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On this page I display links to my chess games in which I played either side of the Sicilian Defense. The games include analysis and diagrams. Click on the links below to view the actual games.

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Here is a typical position in the Four Knights and Taimanov variations of the Sicilian Defense. Depending on the variation of the Sicilian Defense, White will occupy the Center and White will also attack on the Kingside. Black may challenge the Center and will attack on the Queenside. White will sometimes castle on the Queenside, but I have rarely seen this in my games playing the Sicilian Defense.

Sicilian Defense, 4 Knights Variation after 5... e6

Sicilian Defense, 4 Knights Variation after 5… e6

Chess Video – The Sicilian Defense is widely considered the best defense against white’s e4 opening move.  In this video we discuss various lines in the Sicilian Defense and key concepts to consider when you play the Sicilian Defense.

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