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On this page I have posted one my chess games in which I played the White side of the Réti Opening.

The game includes analysis and diagrams. This is the third game that I finished at Stan’s Net Chess. My rating at this became 1954 after this win. Ned dropped to 1958 after this game. This is the first game against Ned Ludd that I have completed so far.

Correspondence Game
Stan’s Net Chess
Game Ended 11 Feb 2004
White: Mike Serovey (Unrated) Black: Ned Ludd (1966)

1. c4 e5 2. g3 d5 3. Bg2 dxc4


Réti Opening after 3... dxc4.

Réti Opening after 3… dxc4.

Only a small number of my opponents have captured the Pawn here. I was hoping for 3… d4 instead. I wanted to transpose into a Reversed  Benko Gambit.. Here I usually play 4. Qa4+ followed by Qxc4. I decided to try a different line here.

4. Na3 Bxa3 5. bxa3 c6 6. Bb2 f6 7. Qc2

Réti Opening after 7. Qc2.

Réti Opening after 7. Qc2.

Here I considered castling Queenside and launching a Kingside attack. I rejected that idea and decided to open up the Center instead.

Be6 8. Nf3 Nh6 9. O-O Qd7 10. Rab1 Na6

Réti Opening after 10... Na6.

Réti Opening after 10… Na6.

The Knights do not belong on the edge of the board. They would be more active in the Center. Here I decided to open up the Center with a sacrifice.

11. Bxe5 fxe5 12. Nxe5 Qc8 13. Rxb7

Réti Opening after 13. Rxb7.

Réti Opening after 13. Rxb7.

If Black declines the Rook and castles instead then 14. Bxc6. If Nf7 threatening to win back a piece, then 15. Rxf7 Rb8 16. Rxf8+ Kxf8 17. Bg2 and White is up 2 pawns and should be able to win the isolated c Pawn.

Qxb7 14. Bxc6+ Qxc6 15. Nxc6 O-O

Réti Opening after 15... O-O.

Réti Opening after 15… O-O.

Here I had trouble deciding on what to do. I considered 16. Qa4 attacking the Knight on a6, 16. Qe4 attacking the Bishop on e6, Ne5 trying to win the Pawn on c4, and d3 offering the exchange. Even though my next move gives Black a passed pawn, I get connected passed pawns in the Center and I believed that to be better.

16. d4 Nb8 17. Nxb8 Raxb8 18. e4 Rfc8 19. d5 Bd7

Réti Opening after 19... Bd7.

Réti Opening after 19… Bd7.

Here 20. Qc3 stopping the Pawn advance was better. After that the pawns should advance in the Center with the White Rook behind them.

20. f4? c3! 21. e5 Rb2 22. Qc1 c2??

Réti Opening after 22... c2??

Réti Opening after 22… c2??

This drops the Rook on b2 and gives me too much of a material advantage. I’m a little surprised the Ned didn’t resign here.

23. Qxb2 Ng4 24. Rc1 Ne3 25. Qb3 Bg4 26. d6+ 1-0

Réti Opening after 26. d6+ (Final position).

Réti Opening after 26. d6+ (Final position).

If 26… Kf8 then 27. Qxe3 and the Queen guards the Rook on c1 and helps the passed pawns to advance. If then 27… Bd1 then 28. d7 Rb8 29. Qc5+ Kf7 30. Qc8 If then 30… Rb1 winning the Rook then 31. Qe8# and if 30… Rxc8 then 31. Dxc8=Q and then White can capture on c2 and use the Queen and pawns to mate the Black King.

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