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On this page I have posted one my chess games in which I played the Black side of the Pirc Defense.

The game includes analysis and diagrams.

Rhine Main December Open
Rhine Main AFB, Frankfurt, Germany
Round 5
15 December 1985
White: S. Ingram (1310) Black: Mike Serovey (1499)

1. d4 d6 2. e3 g6 3. Bd3 Bg7 4. f4 Nf6 5. Nd2 O-O 6. Ngf3 b6 7. O-O Bb7


Pirc Defense after 7... Bb7.

Pirc Defense after 7… Bb7.

I like the double fianchetto in these kind of positions. White grabs the Center and Black tries to undermine it from the wings.

8. c4 Nbd7 9. b3 c5 10. d5

Pirc Defense after 10. d5.

Pirc Defense after 10. d5.

Here White has established a pawn chain from a2 to d5. Black can try to undermine it by attacking it at the base, a2. I think that better is to attack the center with moves like f5 and e5. So, I prepare for this with 10… Ng4. Also, I’m looking at my Bishop on the long diagonal of a1 to h8 possible winning the White Rook.

Ng4 11. Ne4 Bxa1

Pirc Defense after 11... Bxa1.

Pirc Defense after 11… Bxa1.

White has allowed me to win that Rook I mentioned earlier!

12. Nh4 Nh6 13. Rf3

Pirc Defense after 13.Rf3.

Pirc Defense after 13.Rf3.

Here White prepares for a Kingside attack. I did not defend against this properly and lost.

Bg7 14. Rg3 Nf6

Pirc Defense after 14... Nf6.

Pirc Defense after 14… Nf6.

Black’s position looks solid and I’m up a Rook.

15. Nxf6+

Pirc Defense after 15. Nxf6+

Pirc Defense after 15. Nxf6+

Here is where I began to goof! It was better to recapture with the Bishop and keep my pawn structure intact. After 15… BXf6 then White can try 16. Qh5 and Black has Bg7. If then 17. BXg6 hXg6 18. NXh6 fXh6 19. QXh6 threatening mate Black has Rf7 20. Bb2 Qf8 21. QXh6 and Black is still up a Rook but everything on the Kingside is pinned. Black can try Re8 followed by e6 to try to open the Center and get the Rook and Bishop into play.

exf6 16. Nf5 Nxf5 17. Bxf5 Bc8 18. e4 gxf5 19. Qh5 fxe4 20. Qh6!! 1-0

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