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On this page I have posted one my chess games in which I played the Black side of the Pirc Defense.

The game includes  analysis and diagrams. At the time that I knew Walter he was a Sergeant First Class (E-7) in the Army and was near retirement from the Army.

Giessen Depot Championship
Giessen, Germany
4 January 1986
Round 2
White: Walter Enright (Unrated) Black: Mike Serovey (1572)

1. e4 g6 2. Bc4 Bg7 3. c3 c6 4. Qf3


Pirc Defense after 4. Qf3.

Pirc Defense after 4. Qf3.

I get insulted when people try stuff like this on me! Of course I’m going to see an obvious mate like this one! I’m playing the Modern Opening move order but end up with a position similar to the Pirc. I have lumped the 2 openings together under the Pirc just to keep things simple for me.

 e6 5. d4 b5 6. Bd3 Ne7 7. Ne2 O-O 8. Bg5

Pirc Defense after 8. Bg5.

Pirc Defense after 8. Bg5.

Pinning the Knight to the Queen. Although I don’t like blocking the long diagonal with f6 I found it necessary here.

f6 9. Bd2 a5

Pirc Defense after 9... a5.

Pirc Defense after 9… a5.

Getting my usual Queenside attack going.

10. O-O Na6 11. a3 Qb6 12. Qh3 Bb7 13. Be3 Qc7 14. Bh6

Pirc Defense after 14. Bh6.

Pirc Defense after 14. Bh6.

White wants to force the exchange of dark-squared Bishops which does weaken my King’s position. Still, I’m OK here. Here c5 might be good since it frees the Bishop on b7. Instead, I drop a Pawn.

d5 15. Qxe6+ Rf7 16. Bxg7 Kxg7 17. Nd2 dxe4 18. Nxe4 f5 19. N4g3 Nd5 20. Qe5+

Pirc Defense after 20. Qe5+

Pirc Defense after 20. Qe5+

White forces the exchange of Queens because he is up a Pawn. I take now to try to simplify my position.

Qxe5 21. dxe5 (Now White has a passed Pawn in the Center.) f4 22. Ne4 f3 (Now I weaken White’s King position.) 23. N2g3 Nf4 24. Bc2 fxg2 25. Rfe1 Raf8

Pirc Defense after 25... Raf8.

Pirc Defense after 25… Raf8.

I have my Pawn back and I’m getting my Rooks into play here. I double up on the half-open f file to attack the backward Pawn.

26. Nf6 c5 27. Be4 Bxe4 28. Rxe4 Nd3 29. Kxg2 Nxe5 30. Rxe5 Rxf6

Pirc Defense after 30... Rxf6.

Pirc Defense after 30… Rxf6.

I now have most of the minor pieces off the board and am attacking White’s isolated f Pawn. My Knight on the edge of the board needs to be better placed.

31. Rf1 Rd6 32. Ne4 Rc6 33. Rd1 Rb8 34. Rdd5 Rbc8

Pirc Defense after 34... Rbc8.

Pirc Defense after 34… Rbc8.

Now White is attacking my c Pawn and I no longer have any pressure on his f Pawn!

35. Nd6 Rb8 36. Ne4 Rbc8 37. Rd7+ Kh8 38. Ree7 R6c7 39. Rxh7+ Kg8

Pirc Defense after 39... Kg8.

Pirc Defense after 39… Kg8.

White is up a Pawn and gets careless here. Better is 40. Nf6+!! Kf8 (forced) 41. Rh8#. We both missed this and I got lucky. A grand master would have seen this quickly. This is one of the things that separates a master from an amateur.

40. Rdg7+? Rxg7!! (Winning a Rook instead of getting mated!) 41. Rh4 Rc6 42. Rg4 b4 43. cxb4 cxb4 44. Rf4 Nc5 45. Nf6+

Pirc Defense after 45. Nf6+

Pirc Defense after 45. Nf6+

Here I’m up a Rook and thus can afford to give up the exchange in order to simplify my position. The Knight is a real pest here.

Rxf6 46. Rxf6 bxa3 47. bxa3 Kh7 48. Rc6 Nb3

Pirc Defense after 48... Nb3.

Pirc Defense after 48… Nb3.

Here I’m up a Knight for a Pawn and winning.

49. a4 Rb7 50. Rc3 Rb4 51. h3 Nd4 52. Rc7+ Kh6 53. Rf7 Rxa4 54. Rf4 Rb4 55. Rf8 Nf5 56. f3 a4 57. Ra8 Rb2+ 58. Kg1 Ra2

Pirc Defense after 58... Ra2.

Pirc Defense after 58… Ra2.

My Rook belongs behind my passed a Pawn, but White beat me to it. In order to queen the Pawn, I have to get the Pawn to a2 and then move the Rook with check without losing the Rook to get the Pawn to queen. If the White Rook is no longer behind the a Pawn, then I can sacrifice the Rook to queen the Pawn.

59. Ra6 a3 60. Ra8 Ra1+ 61. Kg2 a2

Pirc Defense after 61... a2.

Pirc Defense after 61… a2.

Now if White moves his King off the second rank I can check with the Rook and then queen the Pawn.

62. Ra7 Nh4+ 63. Kf2 Nxf3

Pirc Defense after 63... Nxf3.

Pirc Defense after 63… Nxf3.

Sacrificing the Knight to get the King off the second rank. White doesn’t bite.

64. h4 Nxh4 65. Ke2 g5 66. Kf2 Nf3 67. Ra6+ Kh5 68. Ra5 Nd2 69. Kg2 Kh4 70. Ra4+ g4 71. Kh2 Nf3+ 72. Kg2

Pirc Defense after 72. Kg2.

Pirc Defense after 72. Kg2.

Now I have him! He can’t avoid the check and letting me queen the Pawn. I now win his Rook.

Rg1+ 73. Kf2 a1Q 74. Rxa1 Rxa1 75. Ke2 Re1+

Pirc Defense after 75... Re1+

Pirc Defense after 75… Re1+

Either way he goes I win. If he moves away from my passed g Pawn then I easily queen and go after his King. Instead he walks into a mate.

76. Kf2 g3+ 77. Kxf3 Kh3 78. Kf4 g2 79. Kf3 g1=R

Pirc Defense after 79... g1=R

Pirc Defense after 79… g1=R

I under promoted to avoid an accidental stalemate.

80. Kf2 Rgf1# 0-1 If instead 80. Kf4 then Rgf1+ 81. Kg5 Re5+ 82. Kg6 Ref5 83. K-any Rg1. Then the Black King marches up the h file and waits for the right moment to mate. IE 83. Kg7 Rg1+ 84. Kh6 Kh4 85. Kh7 Kh5 86. Kh8 Rfg5 87. Kh7 Rg7+ 88. Kh8 Rg8+89. Kh7 R1g7#

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