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On this page I display links to my chess games in which I played either side of the Pirc Defense.

The games include analysis and diagrams. I am also including games in which I played the Modern defense because they usually transpose into the Pirc anyway. Here is an example of what the  Pirc Defense could look like after 4 moves.

Pirc Defense after 4... Bg7.

Pirc Defense after 4… Bg7.

One of the reasons that I started playing the Modern Defense and the Pirc Defense is becasue I had too many people playing odd variations of the Sicilian Defense. Most of my opponents would not go into the Sicilian variations that I wanted to play. With the Modern Defense and the Pirc Defense I caught many of my opponents unprepared.

Most people pronounce the name of this opening “pirk”, but it is correctly pronounced “pierce”.

Video on the Pirc Defense – In the Pirc Defense, black tries to defend the center with this minor pieces.  This chess strategy is considered a hypermodern opening. After fianchettoeing his bishop to g7, black looks to control the dark squares in the middle while still allowing his light square bishop a great diagonal to develop.  If black is not careful white can put lots of pressure on the kingside of black, limiting the development of black’s pieces.  Black must counterattack to put up a fight.

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