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On this page I display links to my chess games in which I played either side of the Kings Indian Attack.

The games include analysis and diagrams. Click on the links below to view the actual games. The Kings Indian Attack is actually a variation of the Réti opening. This is the first opening that I learned to play as White back in 1974, when I was a Junior in highschool. During the 1970’s most of the chess players at H. B. Plant Highschool played the Kings Indian Attack as White and we did quite well with it. Michael Hoffer teaches his students to play 1. e4 and to transpose into the Kings Indian Attack if Black replies with any move other than 1… e5.

Kings Indian Attack after 5... Bg4.

Kings Indian Attack after 5… Bg4.

Chess Video – The King’s Indian Attack (ECO A08)  is a very solid opening strategy for white.  Many top level players have recommended it for beginning chess enthusiasts because you don’t have to study a lot of opening theory.  Instead, you work towards achieving the positional structure that is covered in this video, and over time you will get better at playing that position and similar ones.  As you get stronger, you should achieve more victories over the 64 square battlefield.


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