Welcome to my Dutch Defense games page!

On this page I display links to my chess games in which I played either side of the Dutch Defense.

The games include analysis and diagrams. I will place the actual games on separate pages listed by the opponent played.

The Dutch Defense is usually played against 1. d4 but can also be used against 1. c4 and 1.Nf3. Black’s first move is usually 1… f5. There are many variations of the Dutch Defense, depending mostly on what White plays.

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Here is an example of what a game using the Dutch Defense could look like.

Dutch Defense after 2... Nf6.

Dutch Defense after 2… Nf6.

One of the reasons that I started playing the Dutch Defense was because I was having a problem with people side stepping the other openings that I played such as the Benko Gambit. Even though I could get into lines that I do not know, at least White could not avoid the opening altogether after the first moves for both sides.

A list of games in the Dutch Defense is below.

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