Welcome to my Benko’s Opening (A00) games page!

On this page I display links to my chess games in which I played either side of the Benko’s Opening.

The games include analysis and diagrams. I will place the actual games on separate pages listed by the opponent played. I have yet to find a book on Benko’s Opening and it appears that this opening transposes into the Réti or English Opening anyways. It seems that any opening that starts with 1. g3 is the Benko’s Opening. As I go through my chess score pads I will find more games in which I have played this opening and will include them on this page. For now, I am still copying content from the old, static HTML pages over to WordPress pages.

Here is information on Pal Benko that I found on the Internet:

PAL BENKO (born Jul-15-1928) France (citizen of United States of America)

Pál Benkő was born in Amiens, France in 1928. Benkő learned chess from his father at the age of 10. He won the Hungarian Championship in 1948, took 3rd in 1950, took 6th in 1951, took 2nd in 1954, and took 3rd in 1955. He became an International Master in 1950. After beginning his chess career in his native country of Hungary, he moved to the United States in on October 17, 1957. The following year, in 1958, he earned the International Grandmaster title by qualifying for the Bled Candidates Tournament. He also qualified in 1962, placing sixth with wins over both Mikhail Tal and Robert James Fischer. He might have qualified again in 1970, but he ceded his place in the Interzonal to Fischer, who went on to win the World Championship two years later. Benkő took 4th in the 1959 US Championship, 8th in the 1960 US Championship, 4th in the 1961 US Championship, 9th in the 1962 US Championship, 3rd in the 1963 US Championship, 7th in the 1965 US Championship, 3rd in the 1966/67 US Championship, 4th in the 1968 US Championship, 3rd in the 1969 US Championship, 5th in the 1972 US Championship, 5th in the 1973 US Championship, 2nd in the 1974 US Championship, 14th in the 1975 US Championship, and 9th in the 1978 US Championship. He won the US Open eight times. He was inducted in the Chess Hall of Fame in 1993. In addition to over-the-board play, Benkő is also noted for having left his name on the Benoni variation called the Benkő Gambit. Today he still lives in the United States. He was married to WIM Ruth Cardoso.

Pal Benko - creator of Benko's Opening

Pal Benko – creator of Benko’s Opening

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Benko's opening after 1.g3.

Benko’s opening after 1.g3.

I have had trouble finding decent videos on this opening but I have added a couple of videos that I found on YouTube just to give you an idea of how this opening is played in Blitz chess.

Check back here often for more information on Benko’s opening.

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM

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