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I have added new videos on the Chess Videos Page that show how to use some of the features of ChessBase (CB) 12.

Affiliate Update

The move from Florida to Colorado had an unexpected consequence. I am no

longer allowed to be an affiliate of Amazon. State tax laws have caused Amazon to pull

out of Colorado. So, the shop is being removed along with all affiliate links as I find them.

Any links that I miss will no longer work.

Chess Openings- Smith Morra Gambit

Chess Openings- Smith Morra Gambit

This is an instructional video about the Smith Morra Gambit in the Sicilian Defense.

[ytapvideo id=c59ngPmuQc0]
The Smith Morra Gambit is a sharp and aggressive line for white against the very popular Sicilian Defense. Most players that play e4 run into the Sicilian an…

[amazon asin=B004ISLU5Y&template=iframe image&chan=default]

I hope that you enjoyed this video about the Smith Morra Gambit in chess.

Game Analysis Caro-Kann (Expert vs. National Master) – Chess Network

[ytapvideo id=wd_qzq4yUsA]


Game Analysis (Master vs Master) – Chess Network

[ytapvideo id=EUne3oNmI5M]


Queens Gambit : Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky 1972 Game 6 – Queens Gambit Declined – Brilliancy!

[ytapvideo id=DvvwK3dDG9E]

Playlists: ▻Kingscrusher’s Greatest Hit Videos! : ▻Play FREE onl…


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HUTCH vs CHILLED (Speed Chess)

[ytapvideo id=Opd_MMo7aWo]

Want some gear? I play on (theimightyhut…

Beginner Chess Openings – The Stonewall Attack – Classic Attack and Sac (Part 1)

[ytapvideo id=F8owlkaNFlI]


Chess Openings: Fried Liver Attack

[ytapvideo id=0ITi9Jc0J-o]

The fried liver attack is a super aggressive opening that derives from the two knights defense in the italian game. White looks to sacrifice his knight on f7…

Chess Openings- The King’s Gambit

[ytapvideo id=n5ImJ2row6E]

The King’s Gambit is a sharp attack against the king side of black. White gives up a pawn to start the game in exchange for a lead in development. Black has …

Basic Opening Ideas – Chess Network

[ytapvideo id=C_hJS29_IUk]


Chess Openings- Falkbeer Countergambit

[ytapvideo id=_zW3DLLlXQs]

In the Falkbeer Countergambit, black immediately challenges the center against the king’s gambit from white. The aggression is taken away from white and give…

Chess Openings: The Queen’s Gambit

[ytapvideo id=HdHWAuQRG7E]

The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most popular openings in chess and is used by many of the top chess players around the world. It is easy to play with lot of…

Chess Traps #2: Sicilian Magnus Smith Trap

[ytapvideo id=JQfXoGRv0f0]

This video explores the Magnus Smith Trap, coined after the three time Canadian Chess Champion Magnus Smith. It’s a trap that white can play in the Sozin (al…

Chess Openings: The King’s Gambit (Part 2)

[ytapvideo id=SC3ZxFEWs-Q]

This is a follow up video on the king’s gambit that discusses various lines that you may come across. Chess Software used in t…

Chess Traps- Bird’s Eye View

[ytapvideo id=JIJy9JEn7QU]

We take a look at a chess trap for black against the bird’s opening from weak. Black focuses on the weakness created by the lack of the f2 pawn and offers a …

Chess Openings: Scandinavian Defense

[ytapvideo id=4Rrt0Lm176I]

One of the oldest chess openings, the scandinavian defense, black immediately challenges the center from white’s e4 with d5. After white recaptures black has…

Chess Traps- Kieninger Trap

[ytapvideo id=JineKRMWyUE]

We start a new series going over famous/common traps that you may come across in your chess career. You don’t see these everyday but traps in general are ent…

Chess Openings: Caro Kann

[ytapvideo id=uLfrt7Atldo]

The Caro Kann is one of the most popular openings for black against the common e4 move from white. Black looks to play c6 with the idea of immediately playin…

Chess Trap: Blackburne Schilling Trap

[ytapvideo id=Ayfo1CfaMAc]

This nice chess trap, the blackburne schilling trap derives from the Italian game. Instead of developing like normal, black moves his knight twice with Nd4. …

Chess Openings: Sicilian Defense

[ytapvideo id=qzydxPgPKzs]

The Sicilian Defense is widely considered the best defense against white’s e4 opening move. Here we discuss various lines in the sicilian defense and key con…

A New Book

Mike Serovey publishes a new chess journal.

I just published a new book that you can get at Amazon. It is a combination of chess journal and chess scrapbook. It is available in print only and you can get it here: Chess Players Journal and Scrapbook

Mike Serovey Moved to Colorado

Mike Serovey Relocates to Colorado

Why I moved to Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado

Due to a large number of reasons I moved from Tampa, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The move cost me dearly but was necessary in order to get healthy enough to either return to work full-time or to just enjoy being semi-retired. The air in Tampa is damp and dirty all year round! The near constant cloud cover was having a very bad effect on my physical and mental health. Here in Colorado the air is thinner (which takes some getting used to), drier and cleaner. I have had fewer problems with my mood and sinuses since arriving here.

Unfortunately, the move to Colorado wiped me out financially. I could not afford to move a bunch of used furniture here so I gave most of it to the Salvation Army. My son, Jared, got some good stuff and the Salvation Army got the rest. I shipped some books and videos to Colorado Springs and many of the light things got broken and will need to be replaced. Right now, my checking account has less than $2 in it and my credit cards are maxed out. I do not get paid again until August 1. I do not have enough food to last until then.

If I can get enough help from other chess players I would like to compete in the Colorado State Chess Championship on Labor Day weekend. It may be easier to get 300 people to donate $1 each than to get 30 to donate $10 each. Once I get to know a few people here I am going to start asking for help with some things.he

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I will make more posts about chess in Colorado in the future.

Pages Removed from This Site

Over the past few months I have seen my Giggle page rank go from a 3 to a 1 on this site. I have lost backlinks and PR and it seems that Giggle is penalizing me again for moving my content from old, static HTML pages to the newer WordPress pages. I have installed a plugin that will redirect traffic to the main page of this site. It is too time consuming to manually build all of the 301 redirects, but I am working on this. Therefore, some of the old content will not be available until I copy it from backup files into WordPress.

I have removed the chess store and shop from this site because Giggle is penalizing me for having Amazon affiliate links here and because those links have not earned me any income! I am also changing which plugins that I use to get a few links going out of this site.

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM

A Recent Discovery – Larry Christiansen’s Autograph

While going through an old chess book I found a copy of Larry Christiansen’s autograph inside of the front cover.

The odd thing about this is that the book is on the Benko Gambit and Larry told me that the Benko Gambit was refuted at the time that he gave me this autograph!

Larry Christiansen's Autograph

Larry Christiansen’s Autograph

[amazon asin=1901983250&]

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM



Amazon Author Page for Mike Serovey

I have published a Kindle book on Amazon and have set up an author’s page there as well. You can go to this author’s page to learn more about me and to check out my new Kindle book entitled Better Thinking for Better Chess. For the next five days this book will be available for no cost as a promotion and in order to get reviews and feedback. After that, it will go back to the regular price of $8.97. While on my author’s page, please click on the “Like” button and leave me a rating or 4 stars of better.


Mike Serovey, MA, MISM

Some News on the Benko Gambit

The Benko Gambit | Chess Blog of OnlineChessLessons … Jan 30, 2015

The Benko Gambit can be either accepted or declined. GM Levan Aroshidze briefly analyses both options and outlines possible winning maneuvers for Black.


Playing Chess Openings: Benko Gambit On Happy Pat … Mar 17, 2015

In this Benko Gambit, Pat captures one pawn but not the second pawn on a6. At first this allows Black to pile on the pressure. In rapid succession White goes from being up a pawn to equal to down a pawn. Both sides then…


John plays the Benko Gambit | Broadstairs Chess Club Feb 10, 2015

John plays the Benko Gambit. John did not want this game to be considered as a Game of the Week as the thirty point difference in grading suggests that it was not an especially outstanding performance on his part. However…


Chess Games – Benko gambit accepted | Pague na Entrega … Mar 18, 2015

Chess Games – Benko gambit accepted. Vasily Borisovich Malinin vs A Andreev. 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5 4. cb5 a6 5. ba6 Ba6 6. Nc3 d6 7. Nf3 g6 8. g3 Bg7 9. h4 O-O 10. h5 Nh5 11. Rh5 gh5 12. Qc2 Nd7 13. Bg5 Nf6 14.


Natalia Pogoninas Mega exciting Benko Gambit in … 7 days ago

Support the channel by donating via PayPal: ▻Playlists: ▻FREE online chess at or Rating: Views:3,113 views; Tags:…


Chess Strategies and Tactics – the Benko Gambit Jul 14, 2010

If you want to fight for the whole point as Black then consider playing the Benko Gambit against 1.d4. This gambit gives Black the initiative at the queenside. Study the chess strategies and tactics of the Benko Gambit and fight for a win.


The Life Gambit la Benko Part two | Chess News Jul 18, 2013

On Monday Pal Benko, legendary grandmaster, author, and problem composer, turned 85. Diana Mihajlova, who recently met with the fit and active octogenarian in his home town of Budapest, sent us a birthday report in two…


Benko Gambit?! –

  1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 We start out with Benoni which introduces Benko Gambit 3. d5 White can take the pawn but he gets doubled c-pawns and cant protect c5 with natural moves 3… b5 4. cxb5 a6 5. bxa6 5.b6 is another popular…


Play The Benko Gambit With GM Lev Alburt! Aug 4, 2012

The Benko Gambit Against The Dlugy System With 5. f3!?. DVD set that explains the concepts and basic strategies of the Benko Gambit.


Chess Tactics in Benko (Volga) Gambit Released … Feb 9, 2014

A brand new course, Chess Tactics in Benko Gambit (also known as Volga gambit) has been released both on DVD and for download! This course is aimed at club and intermediate players (thus gaining 25% off for this…