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The games of Mike Serovey with analysis and diagrams.

The theme of this site is chess and the main focus of this site is the chess games of Mike Serovey (that’s me), with diagrams. Most of the stuff that I cover is pretty basic and includes general theory as well as specific analysis of certain positions and move orders.

This is one of my personal hobby sites. The games will be from analysis of the games of Mike Serovey from 1983 on and one game is from 1976. I will be adding more games from the 1970’s as I find them. Some of these games are good examples of how not to play chess.

I got to thinking about something recently and decided to post it here. If you were to look up my current USCF over-the-board (OTB) rating you will see that I’m only rated in the 1500 range. My latest USCF correspondence chess rating is 2147. My current chess rating at ICCF is 2052 after 117 games. My latest rating at Stan’s NetChess is 2579 and my overall record there is 70-12-6. That sounds impressive until you consider how over rated the players on that site are.

So, I’m clearly not a master at chess, yet. When I joined the US Army back in 1977 I wasn’t taught how to be a soldier by a general or senior NCO. I was taught by one buck sergeant (E-5) and a bunch of staff sergeants (E-6). I rarely saw the company commander or first sergeant. Mid-level NCOs could teach me how to be a soldier, to include how to march, shoot a rifle, polish my boots, make my bunk, etc. When I got to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) it was again mid-level NCOs that taught me how to read a map and compute fire data for canons.  My point here is that chess beginners and chess novices do not need a chess master, and certainly not a chess GM, to teach them the rules of the game and some basic strategy. They can learn from someone at my level. Someone who is already at my level needs to learn from a chess master or above.

If you have been playing chess for more than ten years and are higher rated than I am you might not get much out of my advice given here for free. Even if you are currently rated higher than I am, if you have not been playing for very long you might want to take advantage of my 39 + years of tournament experience. There are some things that can only be learned by experience and you might as well take advantage of mine!

Another thing to consider is this, practice against someone whose chess rating is about 200 points above where you are rated. If you go too much above that you will lose every chess game and become discouraged. If you go much below that level you will not learn anything new. Easy wins at chess may be fun for a while, but improvement comes with studying chess and practicing chess against better players than where you are currently rated.

My site visitors may have noticed that I have held back in publishing some of my best analysis on this site. That is partly because my previous opponents know about this site and I don’t want to give someone that I might play again my best moves for free! However, I am setting up a members only area that you can access for free after you have registered here. The idea is to build a list of contacts and restrict my best stuff to those who will actually appreciate it. There will also be a paid members area that will have information not found anywhere else on this site. I will post notices when all of this is ready.

The move to Colorado has set me behind in a number of different areas. I will be another two or three months before the members only area is anywhere near done. The links that are there now are to my free stuff only. I have too many things going on at once to stay on top of all of them.

I am no longer an affiliate of Amazon in the USA because I now live in Colorado! However, I still am an affiliate in other countries so I left some of my Amazon links active on this site.

I have disabled most of the comments because of all of the spam attempts. If you want to make a comment on any of my pages or posts then you will need to use the buttons or boxes that are provided for you below. Real comments are appreciated while spam will be deleted!

The video at the top of this page is the very first chess video that I ever made. It is basically a slide show that I set to music. The videos that I will make in the future will be more instructive.


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May 25, 2016 – The May 2016 list for correspondence chess players has me at number 60 with a rating of 2147.

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM

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